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The 100% Advantage: Investing Back Into Your Business.

By December 5, 2018Real Estate Agents
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It is understandable  to ask, “How can a real estate agent possibly gain 100% Commission from the completion of their deals?” or “How can a real estate brokerage remain in business while giving their agents 100% Commission Splits?” Chicago real estate agent commission splits can vary based on the model a brokerage chooses to abide by.  At Real People Realty, we choose to put our agents first utilizing the 100% Commission Split Model.

   100% real estate Commission

Traditionally, several other models have ruled the roost including the traditional broker/agent split, referral fee splits, franchise fee models and still others that are popping up as fixed-fee options for agents. Since 2001,  Real People Realty’s agents have not sacrificed leads, full service support or tools in order to receive 100% Commission.

For rookie or experienced real estate professionals, pocketing all of your commission is a no-brainer. Increasing your cash-flow allows for the opportunity to invest back into your own business. Through focusing your hard-earned dollars on marketing, networking and other business expenses, your chances of success and efficient return on investment increase. 100 commission real estate Chicago agents

100% Commission Models: Not all are created equally.

Recently, several varieties of this commission split model have popped up in the Chicago real estate industry. A fair amount of real estate brokerages have opted to charge variable annual and monthly fees.  and technology fees with intent on supplying both beginner and experienced agents with the tools, training, and support they need to be successful. In return for 100% Commission splits, agents are not expected to hold an office space or visit the brokerage regularly. This allows for the flexibility to capitalize on free time to prospect and gain more clients. Depending on the fee structure within the commission split model, there are unique incentives that agents might come across in searching for a brokerage. At Real People Realty, we are proud to offer our real estate agents the opportunity to refer two agents by December 31, 2018 to have their 2019 monthly dues waived. This is another surefire strategy to saving more of your money.

Through eliminating the overhead costs surrounding corporate agent offices, the savings are transferred directly back into the agent’s pocket. The 100% Commission model is innately popular because it provides a unique opportunity for the agent to position funds into the manner that they see fit to grow their business.

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