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Everything You Need To Know about a Illinois Real Estate License

By December 6, 2018Real Estate Agents
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If you aspire to become a real estate broker or a leasing agent in the Chicagoland area, it is wise to be sure you’re eligible to join a real estate training and licensing center in Chicago. The requirements to do so in the Chicagoland area  are that you must be at least 18 years old and a Highschool graduate.

Requirements for licensing tend to differ from state to state. When you are considering a sponsoring real estate broker in the Chicagoland area, it is vital to meet Illinois State requirements. You will need 45 hours of real estate training and broker licensing courses before you get real estate license in Illinois.  There are different avenues to complete courses, which includes

Classroom sessions:  Interactive classroom options include 5 days a week – Monday to Friday, or the option to attend Saturday classes or evening classes.

Online courses to begin a career in real estate can be completed through various Illinois real estate education websites for a nominal fee. Locate the training center nearest you and complete the registration paperwork to submit online.  Once you have completed the 90-hour broker pre-license course and pass the Illinois Real Estate Exam you are eligible to become a licensed real estate agent in Illinois and Chicago.

The first step toward getting hired by by a sponsoring broker requires you to work for one year in the industry.  There are many real estate companies in Chicago that will sponsor you post license testing. A sponsoring broker will issue you a sponsor card after interviewing you, which is valid for 45 days. During this time you can begin selling properties. Your sponsor will fill out paperwork and send it to the State of Illinois, along with your class transcripts.

Once you are awarded a license, you will be eligible to practice as a real estate agent in Illinois. To practice in another state, you must fulfill that state’s requirements.

The State of Illinois has reciprocity with the following States:

Florida, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, and Colorado. In each of these states you  need to take and pass that state’s exam, without any further education.

In the State of Illinois, you are required to renew your real estate license after every two years. Illinois real estate brokers need to complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years to keep the license active.

When you are comparing a real estate training center in Chicago, always consider the quality of the education. The decisions you make at the beginning of your Real Estate career can have a significant impact on the future of your career.. The goal of a real estate school should be to help students launch and maintain successful real estate careers. They provide superior quality preparation for the Illinois real estate exam, as well as offer the training and support at a real estate training center in Chicago to help you to make the right decision when starting your career.

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