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How To Dress as a Real Estate Agent

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Now that you have your license (congratulations) and picked your real estate brokerage, you might be wondering what to wear as a real estate agent who is interacting with potential clients. Just as you spend time to develop your real estate marketing strategy, it is vital for you to craft a personal brand that includes your wardrobe.

Appearance Matters: You are Your Own Brand.>

They say to never judge a book by its cover: in real estate, that could not be further from the truth. In this industry, curb appeal, updated aesthetics, up-to-the-minute technology and the projection of your personal brand can make or break a deal. Sifting through all of your real estate marketing ideas, it may not have occurred to you that your appearance is a marketing tool.

What do I mean? No, you are not meant to be a human Nike Check Mark or a real life representation of the Golden Arches, but rather a living, breathing, symbol that projects your value.

According to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, you have as little as 7 seconds to wow your potential clients. With social media marketing acting as THE prevalent channel to gain exposure as a real estate broker, appearance truly matters for you.

Your content marketing strategy that is visible through your social media platforms, digital and traditional marketing campaigns alongside your real estate website and landing pages, should all be a direct reflection of your personal brand.

This means, you can inject humor and fun into it, as long as your home buyers and sellers are able to build trust in your brand and ultimately send new business your way.

But First: Coffee and Then Probably a Dress Shirt.

We all know a cup of coffee makes any task easier to complete. So, grab a cup and keep reading:

Making a positive first impression is absolutely vital to growing your business. Much like you are careful to be sure open house you are hosting is well-lit with refreshments and marketing materials, you should take care not to show up in yoga pants, joggers or sweats.

Your potential buyers might not take you seriously. Making the extra effort to appear professional can wow your sellers, buyers and provide you with a boost of confidence.

Dress for Your Location.
If you are located in a coastal location where the weather is warmer, you may be able to sport high-quality sandals, a blazer and matching trousers. If you are in the mountains where snow is inevitable, sporting snow-boots might be the norm.

The key is to keep it either business casual or business professional depending on your environment. Real estate sales techniques are wonderful ways of winning clients over, but your professional appearance and demeanor could provide the last touch to secure a listing.

Virtual Real Estate Brokerages: I Don’t Need to Dress Up, Right?
In your quest to find the best real estate company to work for, you may have come across several different brokerage structures. One of the major benefits surrounding a virtual, cloud-based brokerage is the idea that you can work from home in your pajamas if you choose to. However, virtual meetings with clients still require a professional wardrobe because, eventually, you will meet your clients face-to-face. This might seem rather self-explanatory, but it is worth stating.

Save Money: Shop Discount Stores.
Pulling together a professional outfit doesn’t have to be expensive. Thrift shops and discount stores (Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx,) all have stellar options to help you look your best. Even social media outlets have groups that swap professional clothing at a minimal fee.

What you choose to wear can be assumed as a reflection of your character and personality. Be true to yourself and have fun in creating your signature professional look. Basically, be yourself while showing your confidence with a killer professional outfit and go in expecting to crush it.

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