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You Put In The Hard Work, You Should Keep Your Earnings. It’s That Simple.

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What Real People Realty Provides?

We provide our brokers with industry-leading technology, marketing, training, and support tools they need to be successful. Our technology, marketing, training, and support tools contribute greatly to each of our broker’s success, helping them produce more.

This is a $700+ per month value that we provide to our Brokers!

Today’s Real Estate market is constantly evolving. Technology, Training, and Support tools have become essential to be an expert in the trade. Our goal as a company is for our brokers to keep the most amount of money in their pockets. These tools allow our brokers to accomplish just that.

Keeping more of your hard earned money is great, and producing more is even better. Our program provides the opportunity to achieve both!

If you want to align yourself with a broker-centric, industry-leading real estate organization, we are the Brokerage you are looking for!

No Minimum Transaction Requirements

Whether you are a top producer, brand-new licensee, or an agent that closes a few deals per year, our program will work for you. Our number one priority is to help our agents achieve their goals regardless of what their production volume is.

Revenue Sharing Program

Build your future with our Simplified Broker Revenue Sharing Program. Through referring agents, earn residual income while you build your business that will accrue with more referrals and never be capped. With no referral cap, the possibilities are endless. Expand your income, one connection at a time.

Lead Generating Technology

RPR provides you with kvCORE, an all-inclusive Smart CRM and Autopilot Marketing platform that will increase your sales. We are honored to provide you with this innovative technology without the massive costs.


Don't fork over large amounts of money to other Brokers.

From high commission splits, desk fees, technology fees, listing fees, E/O fees, transaction fees to office fees, etc.. the list becomes overwhelming.

More importantly, are you truly benefiting from it? With minimal technology, support, training, marketing, and your managing broker competing against you, it becomes difficult to navigate the path to success in the industry.

Why not increase your success with our proven technology platforms, support systems, and training programs?

With our virtual office concept, you can work from any location. Your clients have a full range of tools at their fingertips to enhance their experience.

We sponsor over 800 agents throughout the Chicagoland area.

Work & Train
Anytime, Anywhere

That’s Real Estate For The Modern Agent